We all grow up in a broken world. Some of us carry wounds from experiences easily recognized for how hurtful they are. Others of us carry wounds in ways more subtle and yet equally damaging to our personhood.

Let's begin our journey together through the soul’s pain, not to forget… but to heal.

Our team at JCM desires to come alongside hurting people of all backgrounds and faiths. We seek to build trust and only then be invited into the wounded places of our clients’ hearts. Ultimately, we hope to give you the skills to live more fully, to move toward greater health and understanding.

With our team’s care, you’ll have the opportunity to be known, respected, and challenged. We are biblically-based and clinically-trained, and we’re here to walk with you through whatever circumstances you’re facing.

We invite you to read about JCM, learn about our services, and get to know our dedicated and compassionate clinicians. Please call us at
(540) 908-3464.