Abi Sims, Counseling Intern

My name is Abi, and I am a student intern pursuing my Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health at Liberty University. I received my undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Studies from The Pennsylvania State University. I grew up in Pennsylvania, and after living in North Carolina and Washington state (for a Naval mobilization), my husband and I have settled in the valley with our Golden Retriever puppy, Nittany! (Can you tell we’re Penn State fans?) My husband is in the Navy Reserves, which has given me the unique perspective of understanding military life.
Much of what happens to us as kids, no matter what kind of parents, upbringing, education, or experiences we did or did not have, ends up affecting us in adulthood. Then, as adults, we can get stuck in life wondering how we got to this place, or why we react and behave certain ways – not even realizing we’re carrying around all of our past while trying to live in the present. I’m passionate about helping people work through and uncover childhood wounds that prevent them from moving forward.
I enjoy working with men and women, including military members and their spouses. I have experience with anxiety, depression, couples counseling/marriage therapy, adolescent counseling, attachment, personality disorders, and identity issues. I counsel from a Biblical perspective, believing that the Gospel combined with therapy works immensely well together to provide healing. I am a member of the American Counseling Association and am certified in the premarital assessment SYMBIS.
I’m excited to partner with you on your path toward healing. I can be reached at abi.sims03@gmail.com or at 240-670-6264

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