Linda Nelson, MS, LPC

I grew up in Hanover County, Virginia, later receiving my Bachelor’s degree in English Education from Longwood College in Farmville, VA.  After marrying and living and working in Richmond for many years  in various jobs including as the Bible Buyer at a Christian bookstore and at the Virginia Baptist Foundation as Assistant to the Treasurer, my husband and I moved to North Carolina.  During my time in Richmond I had worked on my own dysfunctional family issues with a wonderful Christian Counselor.

I entered the Counseling Program at East Carolina University in January, 2001 where I received my Master’s Degree in Clinical, Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Counseling and worked in North Carolina for 12 years in the field.  Returning to Virginia in 2014, specifically the Shenandoah Valley where I now have family, I worked in the field for another three years.  For personal reasons, I went on an extended hiatus from my work in the counseling field, later determining to return to the field in the hope of finding a position with a more decidedly Christian perspective.  With no sense of urgency, I was then able to find what I believed could be a good fit for me at Journey. I am so pleased to now be part of the Journey Counseling team.

Entering the counseling field was for me a response to a sense of calling to whatever gifts God had given me to help, comfort, and encourage others towards healing as I myself had experienced. Therefore, my counseling practice leans toward person-centered and Rogerian concepts of empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard, using many tools within Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as well as the12 Step concepts of codependency and related issues.

I am excited about getting back into the counseling field at Journey Counseling where I will not only be using my passion for helping those suffering from emotional and psychological distress, but where I will be more openly able to bring Christ’s love and the hope He gives into the client-counselor relationship and, therefore, best serve those who suffer from any of these often debilitating conditions. I look forward to working with the Journey team of counselors and the clients with whom I may have the privilege of serving.

You can reach me at 540-290-4035 or by email at

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