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Pre-Engagement and Pre-Marital Assessment

John Kuebler, LPC, LMFT and Sarah DeBoer, LPC, and Mark Sensabaugh, LPC, LMFT are our trained facilitators of both the SYMBIS Assessment; Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts and the PREPARE-ENRICH Assessment.  Contact one of them for more information.

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We have a diverse team with many years of experience. We can help you match up with the right counselor by calling our main number and leaving a message at 540.908.3463, or feel free to contact a specific counselor directly. Find each counselor’s contact information below.


We all grow up in a broken world. Some of us carry wounds from experiences easily recognized for how hurtful they are. Others of us carry wounds in ways more subtle and yet equally damaging to our personhood. Let’s begin our journey together through the soul’s pain, not to forget… but to heal.

Our team at Journey Counseling desires to come alongside hurting people of all backgrounds and faiths. We seek to build trust and only then be invited into the wounded places of our clients’ hearts. Ultimately, we hope to give you the skills to live more fully, to move toward greater health and understanding. Contact us to discuss the counseling process and get started.   We hope to hear from you.

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An Anniversary

An Anniversary

There are certain situations/outcomes beyond my influence. That’s life. I do have control over my response. Will I fuss, pout, or argue? Or will I opt to be patient, thoughtful, and gracious? Will I choose to be grateful for life and its opportunities or will find I fault with every situation and the people around me? How does my faith influence and inform my perceptions, responses, and ultimately my hope for this day (and every day after)?

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Mom Guilt and the God Who Sees

Mom Guilt and the God Who Sees

“And so I am working on remembering that when I am caught up in mom guilt, I need to be found under the gaze of another. I need to see more than myself, and more than my failure. I need to see him who sees me. I need to see him who is a kind, loving Father.”

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