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How Spaces Speak

Blog Series from members of our board of directors. This entry is written by Mr. Andrew Witmer. Several years ago I read a strange and wonderful book called The Poetics of Space.  Published in the 1950s by the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard, this book...

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Wisdom in Two Parts

This entry is written by Mr. John Bennetch, Vice-president of the JCM board. John Calvin, influential 16 th century French theologian and pastor, at the ripe old age of 27, wrote in the first few lines of his magnum opus Institutes of the Christian...

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End of Year Giving

Since opening our doors in 2008, Journey Counseling has sought to serve and minister to Harrisonburg's local churches as well as individuals and families in the greater community.  Our Client Assistance Fund plays an important role in allowing Journey's...

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New addition to our team!

Mark Sensabaugh is now seeing clients at Journey Counseling, bringing with him a background as both a pastor and therapist. He has pastored at churches in Harrisonburg and Virginia Beach, and has worked locally at Family Life Resource Center. He said the...

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No Little People, No Little Places*

This entry is written by one of our board of directors, Mr. Frank Doherty. Value is not found in the anxious pursuit of accomplishment and prestige. They are fleeting and never satisfy. When we understand that our value comes from God, we can begin to...

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The Problem with Pain

Sarah Chase is a woman of depth. Her desire to love the Lord is all encompassing.  God has gifted her with much.  One gift is putting her thoughts on paper. She has given permission to share one of her posts from her blog, http://teacupstalk.blogspot.com....

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