Since opening our doors in 2008, Journey Counseling has sought to serve and minister to Harrisonburg’s local churches as well as individuals and families in the greater community.  Our Client Assistance Fund plays an important role in allowing Journey’s Biblically-based, clinically-trained counselors to minister to as many community members as possible.  Each year, children, youth, families, and individuals who would not otherwise be able to afford counseling are able to benefit from Journey’s services through financial assistance from this fund.

As a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization, Journey Counseling relies on the generous contributions of our friends and supporters to make our ministry and Client Assistance Fund possible.  Since 2008, we have provided over $19k in assistance from this fund.  By donating to Journey Counseling, you are helping to provide financial, therapeutic, and spiritual help to people in our community struggling with various wounds and emotional pain.

Please consider supporting Journey and our Client Assistance Fund with your tax deductiable year-end giving.

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