Partner churches

Journey Counseling Ministries partners interdependently with pastors and their churches to provide support and professional care. The following is a list of current, local churches in which we have partnerships.
Please contact Sarah DeBoer for more information about how to become involved.


Covenant Presbyterian Church, Harrisonburg VA

Tabernacle Presbyterian Church, Waynesboro VA

Holy Cross, Staunton VA

First Presbyterian Church on Court Square, Harrisonburg VA

Eagle Heights Church, Winchester VA

Crosslink Community Church, Harrisonburg VA

Calvary Mennonite Fellowship, Harrisonburg VA

Grace Presbyterian Church, Lexington, VA

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Honor God With Our Bodies

Honor God With Our Bodies

Let’s utilize our physical bodies while we benefit from the movement, fresh air, and change of scenery. There’s more to gain than calorie burn – there’s much evidence that physical activity boosts our emotional and mental well-being. It’s not just about being beach ready – there’s an opportunity to reduce stress and anxiety while increasing cognitive functioning.

Great Community Give!

Great Community Give!

It’s time! Please consider supporting Journey by donating on April 20. Your donation will help others receive counseling who may not otherwise be able to afford it.

Talking About Death

Talking About Death

“Biblical compassion should be saying to us that we need to put to death our timidity and tell our neighbors the hope that is found in the gospel by becoming a follower of Jesus Christ. A key passage that tells us of this hope is 1 Corinthians 15.”