Partner churches

Journey Counseling Ministries partners interdependently with pastors and their churches to provide support and professional care. The following is a list of current, local churches in which we have partnerships.
Please contact Sarah DeBoer for more information about how to become involved.


Covenant Presbyterian Church, Harrisonburg VA

Tabernacle Presbyterian Church, Waynesboro VA

Holy Cross, Staunton VA

First Presbyterian Church on Court Square, Harrisonburg VA

Eagle Heights Church, Winchester VA

Crosslink Community Church, Harrisonburg VA

Calvary Mennonite Fellowship, Harrisonburg VA

Grace Presbyterian Church, Lexington, VA

Recent Posts
An Anniversary

An Anniversary

There are certain situations/outcomes beyond my influence. That’s life. I do have control over my response. Will I fuss, pout, or argue? Or will I opt to be patient, thoughtful, and gracious? Will I choose to be grateful for life and its opportunities or will find I fault with every situation and the people around me? How does my faith influence and inform my perceptions, responses, and ultimately my hope for this day (and every day after)?

Mom Guilt and the God Who Sees

Mom Guilt and the God Who Sees

“And so I am working on remembering that when I am caught up in mom guilt, I need to be found under the gaze of another. I need to see more than myself, and more than my failure. I need to see him who sees me. I need to see him who is a kind, loving Father.”

Jesus and Therapy Podcast

Jesus and Therapy Podcast

The concept of Christians getting therapy shouldn’t be a big deal but for some, it is. Sometimes it is said that “If Jesus is enough, then we don’t need therapy.” but what if therapy is a gift from Jesus?