Getting Started

Thank you for reaching out and pursing counseling with us.  The first step is to read about our counselors and choose someone to contact directly.  We all make our own appointments.  You can find our contact information listed on our bios.

Once you’d made an appointment, we ask our clients to download, print, and fill out the intake forms before the initial session. Bring the intake forms with you to your first appointment.

This helps both you and your clinician maximize your time together.

As you and your clinician work through the counseling process, it may become important to contact one or more outside parties, such as family members, spouses, general medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and pastors.  If this becomes necessary, you will have the opportunity to talk with your counselor about the Release of Information form and fill one out in session.

We also understand that household incomes vary from person to person. Please ask your clinician if you believe you need financial support for counseling.

Journey Intake Form

Telehealth Consent Form

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Honor God With Our Bodies

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