In our Post Covid-19 status, researchers are indicating that the rises in mental health disorders are not returning to their pre-pandemic state. The impact on our economy and increase in social isolation, along with other factors, has left our world with greater anxiety and depression. Those that already had struggles in these areas experienced a new obstacle and others were added to the their ranks.  A local congregation, First Church of the Nazarene, elected to use a Sunday morning service to host a panel to discuss how the Body of Christ might respond to these mental health issues for individual church members as well as the larger Church.  They then did a second interview on their weekly radio broadcast.  The panel was moderated by Brian Charette, a member of the church and employee & teacher at James Madison University. Included on the panel are Pastor Margaret Michael from their pastoral team, Ashley Link whom is a church member and local school teacher, and Mark Sensabaugh from our team of counselors at Journey.  This is a two part session that played on Hope Talks, the church’s own radio broadcast, bringing messages of hope. Click here to listen and scroll down to find 10/09/22- WBTX Program- Mental Health Panel Discussion Part 1 and 10/16/22- WBTX Program- Mental Health Panel Discussion Part 2.