As we travel the road of life, we experience many twists, turns, bumps, and straightaways. Life brings adventures and struggles, but to misjudge the road ahead can bring significant pain. We make major decisions that have long-lasting outcomes on our travels of life. If our decisions are made with the right intentions and forethought, feeling the smoothness of the road is much more enjoyable.

There are two major areas to consider when taking the “wheel of life” – financial and relational.

When making a major financial decision, such as buying a car or truck, you usually ask: What can I realistically afford? What make and model do I want? Is this vehicle safe and reliable? Which is the best choice? If the decision is made primarily on emotions, you might find yourself in a “dream car” that is actually a “lemon”.

Similarly, when making major relationship decisions, you are choosing to whom you are committing your heart. Do you desire that “dream” mate or a “lemon”?  Are you putting your heart (emotion) before your head (reality)?

We all want to choose a mate who is safe and reliable – a mate of character. Pre-Engagement counseling can help you make the best, informed decision. It’s for the couple that is considering and wondering, “Is this the right person for me? Am I making the right decision?” During Pre-Engagement counseling, the couple’s personalities, backgrounds, giftings, talents and emotional wounds will be explored. The goal is to better understand how each person can serve the other.

Pre-Engagement counseling assists and strengthens you in identifying and wisely choosing a person of character.

To learn more about Pre-Engagement counseling, contact John Kuebler or Journey Counseling Center.