How Is Your Heart?

Recently there was a posting on social media making the point that what you read affects what you think, say and do.   It is said that one’s beliefs and actions are connected, and without question, intertwines the mind, body, and soul.  This interconnection manifests within the self and among those in one’s presence.   This is powerful because what you bring into self, somehow presses onto and/or into everything:  you, your friends, your dog, your family —  your heart.  The outcome of this has a strong effect.  How is this truth showing up for you? Is it contaminating?  Illuminating? Cultivating? The answer reflects the condition of your heart.

What is the condition of your heart?  Ask yourself: Is my heart fearful, prideful, angry, envious, selfish, lazy, evil?  Is my heart loving, joyful, giving?  This answer is not cut and dry, yet is necessary for examination, which can bring understanding and change.

Perhaps you are finding yourself wanting freedom from a situation that has kept you from being the fullest person for which God has designed you to be. If so, and these heart questions are provoking you to further examination, we are here to help you grow towards freedom.