Over the past ten years, I have gotten to see Loretta and know her as Journey’s exceptional Administrator.  Without a doubt, when I have a question pertaining to anything within the realm of her responsibilities, she has the answer.  Loretta’s deep heart desire to advance Journey’s mission – caring for others’ souls – goes beyond her work with Journey.  Often times, she checks in about personal, family matters.  Asking how such and such is doing and offering prayer.  Journey or no Journey, Loretta is a godly woman and I am thankful she is in my life.  I have been blessed and stretched and graced by her presence.  Loretta, I hold great respect for the woman you are for family, church, friends, and JCM.  -Lisa

Loretta’s birthday is February 14.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Words of tribute have been offered as a way to show appreciation for who she is to us.  We hope she is blessed:

I’m grateful for the high degree of skill and care that Loretta brings to all her work for Journey. -Andrew

Loretta is faithful, compassionate, and deeply committed to helping people who are hurting through her behind-the-scenes ministry at Journey. -John B.

Quiet strength.  Wisdom in finances and commitment to Jesus and Journey. -Ginny

Whenever I work with Loretta I know she will be competent, timely and professional.  I can always count on Loretta. -Jim

Thanks for being the blessing that you are to Journey and to all you come in contact with…Have a wonderful birthday!  -Mike

Loretta, your integrity, and commitment to the Journey vision is a key reason this ministry exists. -John K.

While Loretta’s work is often behind the scenes, her desire and commitment to see Journey’s mission grow is vital.  We are so thankful for her talents and contributions within the ministry. -Sarah

Interesting that the name Loretta means crowned with honor, victorious. 1 Thess.4:1 admonishes us to follow the instruction that we’ve received about how to walk and please God. So Loretta is to Journey Counseling Ministries one who follows appropriate instruction and encourages each of us to walk in ‘right’ ways.  How would we ever stay on track without your voice? Thanks Loretta for the gift you bring to our team! -Mark

Loretta.  Happy Birthday!!!  Truly, truly what would we do without you?! Thank you forever for your faithful, impeccable service.

She opens her mouth with wisdom and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.  –Proverbs 31:26