Journey Counseling is pleased to announce that Sarah DeBoer has accepted the position of Clinical Director. Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree from James Madison University and a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. She has been part of Journey’s counseling team from the beginning and for the past two years has served as the clinic’s Administrative Director.

John Kuebler, who founded Journey in 2008 and served as Clinical Director for a decade, will continue to see a small number of clients and (while enjoying more time with family in semi-retirement) will remain actively involved with Journey. John notes that Sarah is a leader “who understands the importance of team and the Journey mission. We have served together for 10 years and she has played an important role in Journey’s development. It gives me joy and peace that the Journey Board has selected Sarah as our new Clinical Director. As I step back, I’m excited that Sarah is stepping forward and the practice will be in strong hands.”

Sarah is honored to take on this additional role.

“I am thankful for Journey Counseling and love working alongside my fellow counselors,” Sarah said.  “I consider it a privilege to help continue our mission to partner with local churches and the community to provide biblical counseling that is facilitated by the work of Christ through the Gospel.”